Since 1973, Chandler Hall has provided high-quality care for older adults in Newtown, Pa. Founded as a 55-bed nursing home, Chandler Hall now offers a wide spectrum of services for individuals at all stages of the aging process. Child Development, Adult Day Health, Community Living and Personal Care, Residential Hospice, Home Hospice, Home Health, Independent Living, Respite Care, and Skilled Nursing Care are just some of the programs currently offered. The campus is an intergenerational shared site with exceptional programming that proactively includes all young people (from six weeks of age through Kindergarten year-round, and through age 14 during the summer), older adults from all our residential areas, and Adult Day Health participants.

The organization serves a wide range of constituents from Newtown and elsewhere throughout Bucks County. Our 13-acre campus can accommodate 189 long-term residents, as well as 14 hospice residents. Chandler Hall employs over 300 dedicated staff members, with the support of more than 100 regular volunteers, and additional volunteers from local schools, religious organizations, service groups and corporations.  Child Development serves over 60 infants, toddlers and Kindergartners, and Adult Day Health includes about 50 participants in all. Home Health and Hospice caregivers make 15,500+ visits a year to clients within a 15-mile radius of the campus. Chandler Hall has also recently announced an affiliation with the Kendal Corporation, which will help to expand our services even further.

One of Chandler Hall’s greatest successes is our Intergenerational Programming (IG). We believe strongly in the value of bringing people of different ages together. Chandler Hall’s IG seeks to reverse and prevent the effects of ageism through education and meaningful connections. All programs take advantage of the fact that Chandler Hall is an intergenerational shared site. Youths and elders share our campus and engage in daily programming, weekly breakfasts and special events at least once a month.  Friendship among all age groups is not only encouraged, but a core component of Chandler Hall’s culture, and a replicable intergenerational curriculum is currently in the works.

The purpose of Chandler Hall is to support individuals in all aspects of living: physical, emotional, cognitive and social.  Residents and participants at Chandler Hall are empowered to make choices whenever they are able.  Following from the Quaker principle of seeking the Light in everyone, we view aging as a natural developmental process and offer individuals support to live creatively and meaningfully.