Nora Alba- Frontline Hero!

Nora Alba

The year 2020 and now 2021 has brought its share of challenges and opportunities. We can all list off the various challenges we’ve faced here at Chandler Hall.  The onset of Covid-19 has truly been a game changer from all perspectives. But it has also been revealing. When crisis hits, we quickly find out what people are made of and who to go to when we need help. There are many people at Chandler Hall who can be placed into the “go to” category. But I would wager that if an anonymous vote were conducted today, one name would pop up repeatedly. That name would be Nora Alba.

What Makes Nora Special

Nora has shown herself to be a true leader in every sense of the word. Her co-workers refer to her in accolades that are usually reserved for Medal of Honor winners, which is more a reflection of Nora’s selflessness than any particular battlefield.

Nora came to Chandler Hall in November of 2017 where she quickly embedded herself as a critical positive force of Chandler Hall’s management team as Personal Care Nurse Administrator. She was also tasked with overseeing the Memory Care Unit and the Residential Apartments. Her passion for her job and the patients and residents of Chandler Hall is apparent to all. Her co-worker Helene Tidwell shared that “Nora is a person that anyone would want to work next to….She is a hands-on person and makes sure things get done. Nora is truly a great boss, co-worker and nurse.”

Nora’s passion for her job and patients became readily apparent during the COVID-19 crisis. There was a period of time late in 2020 and into January of 2021 when patients in the Memory Care community became ill, creating the need for a change in covid staffing and protocols. Nora quickly evaluated the problem and pitched in working weeks without a day off to make certain that the patients had the expert care that they needed at all times and that her staff had the support that they needed to do their jobs – never deviating from the Chandler Hall standards of care.  And just as importantly, as the Memory Care unit went into isolation, Nora kept the patients’ families updated on their loved one’s health status, recognizing that communication was an equally important part of Chandler Hall’s Person-Centered Care.

Praise for Nora’s dedication, professionalism and caring heart overflow. Executive Director Dakia McMillan summed up Nora’s value to the Chandler Hall community nicely: “Nora exhibits the kind and caring heart that you would want to care for your loved one.”.  Christine Godshall shared, “ While her scope of responsibility is vast, she handles all of the varied issues and challenges with ease. I am honored to work alongside Nora to care for the residents of Chandler Hall.”.  

But I feel that this final comment from Jeanene Riegel-Palmer just about sums up Nora’s impact on the Chandler Hall community. “Thank you Nora, for providing all of us with the confidence that the residents, team members and families would get through the most challenging of times. You are the reflection of a true Hero!”.

Nora Alba – Chandler Hall’s inaugural Frontline Hero!

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