Chandler Hall Health Services embraces Diversity and strives to create an environment that is aligned with our mission which values differences and that of God in everyone.

Chandler Hall established a Diversity Task Force in 2006 and created a Diversity Tool Kit for sustainability of our Diversity initiative, which includes various cultural tips to aid with understanding different cultures. Each department in our community has an employee that serves as the diversity representative and member of our task force.

In 2009 Chandler Hall began sponsoring an annual diversity day in February. This is a campus wide celebration of who we are when staff and residents come together to celebrate the different cultures with food, artifact and entertainment.

Chandler Hall offers free English Enhancement classes (English as a Second Language) to our employees. In 2011 Chandler Hall was awarded the “Employer of Distinction Award” from the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians for our commitment to building a diverse workforce.

Over the past decade, the Kendal System of retirement communities has undertaken a concerted effort to increase diversity among community members, staff, volunteers, and board members. View a video in support of Kendal’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. The four-minute video, “Welcoming Diversity: Supporting a Spirit of Inclusion,” features Kendal residents, staff, and board members.