COVID -19 Vaccine Updates- What Category are you in?

We’re very pleased to announce that vaccination of Chandler Hall’s most vulnerable residents and our staff began on January 4th.  The people who have already received their first dose of…

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The Benefits of Creating a Daily Routine

If today feels like just one more day in the endless year of 2020 – even though it’s technically 2021 – you are not alone. The events of 2020 are…

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How to Combat Loneliness and Social Isolation

This far into the COVID epidemic, many are beginning to recognize that the Coronavirus is not the only challenge to overcome. In a sense, loneliness is an unwelcome by-product of…

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Lessons of Resilience

As I write this, cozy in my house after a major nor’easter snow storm giving us yet another reason to stay inside and off the roads, I am reminded that…

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Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine and Plans Here at Chandler Hall

We are getting a lot of questions here at Chandler Hall about the new COVID vaccines and how they will impact our residents and our community.  We want to answer…

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What to Bring to Short Term Rehab

What to Bring to Short Term Rehab Now that you and your physician have decided that a period of time of intense rehabilitation is advised, it’s time to consider what…

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What is Person-Centered Care?

At Chandler Hall, we believe in person-centered care for every resident and every home care patient. But what is person-centered care and why is it so important? Care That’s a…

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The Cottages

Bob & Hope: Cottage Living at Chandler Hall

When Bob and Hope decided to downsize at the age of 83, they knew two things. The first thing was that they were not old and wanted to maintain their…

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What is Personal Care?

If you are of a certain age, you might not know that Personal Care and Assisted Living are essentially the same thing. Today’s Personal Care has evolved into a highly personal and flexible medical discipline, designed to meet each patient’s needs for support towards maintaining as independent a life

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