daily routine matters

Creating a Daily Routine

Creating a daily routine is a challenge at any time. But it has never been more challenging than during the time of Covid-19. The very tasks and rituals that at…

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Residential Living at Llenroc- A unique option for Independent Living at Chandler Hall

If you are like most folks investigating Independent Living options in retirement communities, you may find that your choices all feel like versions of the same thing – nice places…

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Senior man receives hospice at home visit

Palliative Care- Living Your Best Life

Health visitor and a senior man during home visit. A female nurse or a doctor examining a man. Facing a serious or chronic medical condition can be overwhelming for you,…

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COVID -19 Vaccine Updates- What Category are you in?

Please note- we are only vaccinating Chandler Hall Residents and Staff. We cannot vaccinate people outside of our community at this time. We’re very pleased to announce that vaccination of…

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The Benefits of Creating a Daily Routine

If today feels like just one more day in the endless year of 2020 – even though it’s technically 2021 – you are not alone. The events of 2020 are…

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How to Combat Loneliness and Social Isolation

This far into the COVID epidemic, many are beginning to recognize that the Coronavirus is not the only challenge to overcome. In a sense, loneliness is an unwelcome by-product of…

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Lessons of Resilience

As I write this, cozy in my house after a major nor’easter snow storm giving us yet another reason to stay inside and off the roads, I am reminded that…

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Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine and Plans Here at Chandler Hall

We are getting a lot of questions here at Chandler Hall about the new COVID vaccines and how they will impact our residents and our community.  We want to answer…

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What to Bring to Short Term Rehab

What to Bring to Short Term Rehab Now that you and your physician have decided that a period of time of intense rehabilitation is advised, it’s time to consider what…

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