What is Person-Centered Care?

At Chandler Hall, we believe in person-centered care for every resident and every home care patient. But what is person-centered care and why is it so important? Care That’s a…

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What is Personal Care?

If you are of a certain age, you might not know that Personal Care and Assisted Living are essentially the same thing. Today’s Personal Care has evolved into a highly personal and flexible medical discipline, designed to meet each patient’s needs for support towards maintaining as independent a life

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Memory care lecture series

Caregiver or Referee?

Hands down! The most difficult job that I have ever had was that of caregiver to my husband who was cognitively compromised. It took every ounce of emotional, intellectual and…

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Finding a Sense of Calm Through Complementary Medicine

Anxiety is on the rise in the U.S., with baby boomers leading the hand-wringing charge. A 2018 national poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association found that Americans’ anxiety score…

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Who Treats the Caregivers?

One of the most important jobs we will ever have is the job of caregiver to someone with a serious, critical or terminal illness. Whether you are a paid caregiver…

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memory care

When Dementia Runs in Your Family

Nothing is more unnerving than knowing that dementia might run in your family. Whether you have a distant Aunt or Uncle or a first degree family member like a parent…

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Barbara with Laurie

Barbara's Family Story

A Memory Care Story The changes were almost imperceptible at first. They were the kinds of things that we all do – forgotten keys, lost train of thought. Concerning but…

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Happy Helen

Helen's Story- The Best Care for a Long Road

When faced with arranging for Palliative Care or Hospice Care for a loved one, you’re likely to face difficult decisions about trying to ensure your loved one gets the best…

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Jack in flight suit

Jack's Family Story

The unexpected happens. In fact the only thing you can count on when the unexpected happens is that you are going to need options and answers.  Life can change on…

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