Eugene Waye

The Waye Family's Experience

Roger was uniquely prepared for the stroke that would leave his 90 year old father, Eugene, incapacitated. Roger had spent his successful career running a Nursing and Medical personnel temp…

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grief during covid

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One During a Pandemic

This title is surreal. It sounds like some kind of utopian novel title or the title of a far-fetched disaster movie. But for all too many people right now, this…

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Palliative Care and COVID-19

The possibility of Covid 19 is top of mind for us all but never more so than for seniors and people facing serious medical conditions. The news is full of information, tracking the virus spread and its ebbs and flows. It is a serious concern for all of us.

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Short-Term Rehab: What to Expect

If you or a loved one is hospitalized for a surgical procedure, injury or an acute illness, your medical team may recommend short-term rehab, or rehabilitation, before returning home.

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Navigating Life Care Planning

We make plans for many parts of our lives, from major decisions such as purchasing a home to training for a marathon. Yet, when it comes to planning for future…

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Taking Care of Seniors During Coronavirus

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus, medical authorities from all over the world, based on infection data, have identified older adults and people who have severe chronic…

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Staying Connected with Seniors During COVID-19

As always, Chandler Hall is focused on the health and wellbeing of its residents. While information regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve, available medical evidence confirms that older people—adults 60 and…

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Care for Caregivers During COVID-19

Being a caregiver is demanding and tough anytime, but COVID-19 has created added stress to an already difficult role. COVID-19 has made some people caregivers overnight. For others who have…

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Memory Care-What You Need to Know

It’s challenging and frightening when loved ones have dementia. The person you’ve known and loved is slipping away and caring for them is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to the…

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