Hospice Visitation at the Pavilion

Hospice Pavilion

Residential Hospice at the Pavilion

At Chandler Hall, we’ve created a warm and home like environment in our Hospice Pavilion, knowing how important it is for families to be together at this critical time. The patient and their family members are our first priority. We strive to provide you the privacy and respect you need during this time, while offering 24/7 care from our hospice staff and a physician on call 24/7, just steps away when needed..

There is a Country kitchen with availability to cook and store foods in refrigerator. Outdoor seating is also available. Visiting includes sleeping arrangements in private rooms, allowing a family member to stay overnight if they choose. We also have a chaplain and social workers available to support the patient and family members with any needs.

Visitation Guidelines During COVID-19

At Chandler Hall, we know that spending time with loved ones in hospice is critically important. With concerns about COVID-19 at this time, we have instituted the following visitation guidelines to try to keep everyone safe while making sure families can spend as much time together as possible.

Normal hospice visiting hours are 11 am till 7 pm. 

Each patient may have two visitors at a time. 

We try to limit visitors to three to four of the same people. 

ALL visitors must be screened for COVID at the main entrance prior to visiting.  After screening, you can then go to the Hospice Pavilion.

We ask that you please restrict your visit to one time per day to avoid any unnecessary transmission of the virus.

ALL visitors must wear PPE, including mask, goggles or shield, gowns and gloves. They will be provided by our staff. No exceptions.

Any visitors in excess of three must wait outside of the pavilion, preferably in their car.  We ask visitors to not sit in common areas but stay in patient’s room with mask on, as an extra precaution for other families and staff.

Patients who are imminently dying may have unlimited hours of visitation, however we continue to ask for two visitors at a time. 

Patients who are pending COVID test results may not have visitors until test is back, unless death is imminent.

The hospice manager on duty may make accommodations on a case by case basis, except as to the need for PPE and screening for all visitors.