Hospice is usually provided through visits to the person and their family wherever they are living. There is access to skilled nursing services 24 hours a day to meet emergent needs. The hospice staff will work with the person and their family to meet their goals. Hospice allows the natural course of the illness to take place while providing the person dignity and respect and freedom from pain.

Home Hospice Care includes the following:

  • Individualized Plan of Care
  • Holistic Model of Care
  • Pain & Symptom Management
  • Assistance with Personal Care
  • Assistance with Home Management
  • Counseling for the Patient & Family
  • Spiritual Support
  • Bereavement Support
  • Financial Counseling
  • Therapy service (if indicated)
  • Education in End-of-Life Issues
  • Medication Management
  • Volunteer Support to help with Care, Chores, Recreation & other needs

The hospice staff values the individuality of every person receiving hospice care. There is respect for the individual’s choices and values and respect for the family’s roles, values and belief systems. The hospice staff communicates openly and honestly with the individual and their family.

Continuity of Care is a tremendous benefit and unique feature of Chandler Hall’s Hospice Program. If a person is receiving hospice care at home and requires a short term stay for Symptom Management or Respite, they are able to admit to Chandler Hall’s Heacock Hospice Pavilion, ensuring familiar faces and caregivers that are already familiar with their situation.