Palliative Care is available to participants who do not desire to seek aggressive medical treatment and are interested in managing pain and other symptoms. A person may still be seeking treatments and/or therapies while under palliative care. Care is generally provided in a person’s own home; however, palliative care is also available in a hospital, nursing home or other medical and/or residential setting.

The multidisciplinary team from Chandler Hall supports the client, family, friends and caregivers to maximize the quality of the participant’s life. Methods are used to help reduce pain of the individual and other uncomfortable symptoms. Depending upon outcomes of treatments a person may stay on palliative care or decide other courses of treatment or non-treatment.

Highlights of Palliative Care:

  • Individualized Plan of Care
  • Highly Skilled and Screened Staff
  • Pain Control and Symptom Relief
  • Non-Aggressive Approach
  • Continued Physician Ordered Therapies
  • Social Services & Spiritual Counseling Available
  • Procurement of Medical Supplies & Equipment
  • Promote Dignity & Respect of Individual

Palliative Care Guiding Principles at Chandler Hall

  • We understand that pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, fear, and anxiety can destroy quality of life. We focus upon these needs so that life’s completion may be comfortable and meaningful.
  • We help the patient and family plan ahead, so that decisions reflect their preferences and circumstances.
  • We take into account the cultural and religious values that shape a family’s and patient’s perspectives about the completion of life.
  • We appreciate that the family’s perception of care and comfort are extremely important. So, we involve the family in the decision making process and in the care given so that opportunities are provided to complete life in a way the family finds meaningful. Clear and ongoing communication is essential.
  • We recognize that peace of mind is an important determinant of satisfaction, both for the patient and family. The time at life’s completion can be precious.
  • Life’s completion can present serious financial challenges. Our competencies extend into resourceful coordination of reimbursement so that access to care is not limited by unaffordable services.
  • Maintaining personal dignity and autonomy are best achieved at home. But personal preferences or circumstances might dictate otherwise, so we make available homelike living arrangements to provide alternative settings of care.
  • Reassurance at times of crisis alleviates fears and anxieties. We are available to the family and patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never sleep.
  • Competency of professional caregivers is vital to achieving superior outcomes and exceeding the needs and expectations of patient and family. So, we insist on the continual demonstration of competence, and the acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills. We are diligent in our pursuit of best practices.
  • We always strive to do better, so we are insistent upon measuring quality, closely monitoring outcomes, implementing improvements, and tracking patient and family satisfaction.
  • Care does not stop with the patient’s death. Bereavement counseling is offered because the family’s suffering often extends beyond the death.