Memory Support

The Memory Support program at Chandler Hall has two goals: to make residents feel at home and cherished, while ensuring they live in a safe and secure environment.

We meet your family member where they are—mentally, emotionally and physically.

Hicks Residence is a comfortable, home-like setting for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s to thrive. We center our care on the needs of each individual, finding the best ways to connect with them so they flourish.

Our staff is specially trained through the Alzheimer’s Association Habilitation Program.

Memory care lecture series

Caring for someone with Memory or Cognitive concerns?

We just hosted an online Lecture Series on Caring for People with Dementia, Memory Issues and Cognitive Decline. The recorded lectures are available by clicking here.

We also have In-person and Online caregiver support groups you can join. Groups are led on the first Wednesday and First Friday of the month. Just click the button below to learn more.

Resident and family member

Support for the Whole Family

We understand that when a resident has needs for memory support, the whole family needs support, too.

The relationships we build with family members allow us to tailor our support to the needs of each resident. Whether their interest lies in the garden, in music, or in reminiscing quietly, we have the skilled hands and caring hearts to meet them where they are.

Want to learn more about Memory Care?

Download our new guide- Navigating the Journey of Memory Care

Book cover- navigating the journey

We all worry about whether that temporary memory lapse means something serious is going on. Download our guide to learn more about what to be concerned about, when you or a loved one should get evaluated, and suggestions to help those who are dealing with family, friends and loved ones with dementia, memory and cognitive issues. Just click below to download our free guide to help you and your family navigate the often complicated journey of memory care.

To learn more about Chandler Hall’s Secure, Memory Support Apartments

Just give us a call at 267-291-2300, or fill out the form below.