Meet Bob and Hope Olsen

A love that lasts is always something to admire, a love that lasts over 70 years is something to aspire after! Robert (Bob) and Hope Olsen met at the youthful ages of 23 and 22. Hope shared with me that she knew Bob’s parents from church and they kept telling her that she needed to meet him…but… she was not interested. She kept insisting that she had no desire to meet their son. Then one faithful day, at church, she met him. She could see right away why his parents were so persistent about them meeting. Hope said to me “I finally met him and that was it.” Just a year later they were married. Over 70 years of knowing each other yet upon meeting them you cannot miss the joy and love that they so clearly share for one another. They are not just husband and wife, they are friends and they are partners.

These two love birds keep themselves busy and their lives full. For 50 years they would head down to Florida for the winter to enjoy the warm sun, tennis, friendship and golfing. They were on teams and would participate in competitions; Bob was even the 2013 champion! Beyond their athletic talents both Bob and Hope both are quite the handy individuals. Bob often found himself in their basement or garage tinkering. Meanwhile Hope was such a skilled sewer that she would even teach sewing in schools! They have always found themselves involved in their church, teaching Sunday school, and community, serving on the board of supervisors for the Newtown Exchange Club. Sharing with me these wonderful details of their life together, Hope added this “Above all, we always have family.”

So why Chandler Hall? Once the two of them had made their way to Newtown they knew that this was where they wanted to stay. They had friends at Chandler Hall and were familiar with it from living in the area. So, when they received a letter in the mail about our cottages they decided it was time to downsize. Bob and Hope agreed that the cottage had everything they need, they had no complaints. After more than 10 years of residing at Chandler Hall they still feel very happy with their decision to move here!