This on-site Program at Chandler Hall is an integral aspect of our Community. The intergenerational program occurs on a regular basis; children from infant through five year old interact with the members of our community. Whether making cookies, rocking babies, reading to the children or engaging in a host of other events, our residents and children all benefit. Enrollment for this program is also open to both Chandler Hall employees and the local community. Fee schedules available from the on-site Newtown YMCA.

An Intergenerational Community

We have learned that all ages benefit and grow from each other. As a pioneer in intergenerational activities, Chandler Hall embraces its on-site Intergenerational Program as an integral part of its community. Daily experiences occur on both a planned and informal basis. These experiences provide residents, clients, staff and children a safe place to develop healthy bonds, to get to know similarities and differences, and to begin to dispel ageist myths. Some experiences have included trips to nature centers and various museums; cooking, music and art programs.

Participants of all ages are energized and encouraged to understand a diversity of cultures and lifestyles. The children and adults are part of a nurturing environment that promotes personal growth, enjoyment and appreciation for all ages and abilities.