Memory Care

support group

Why Caregiver Support Groups are Important

The diagnosis of a progressive disease can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider – right from the start – that it can lead to a mix of…

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helping with memory care

The Dementia Journey

Your loved one, who is showing signs of dementia, now requires more supervision than you can provide. What do you do? That is the question faced by thousands of caregivers…

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Transitioning into Memory Care

Remember when you moved into your first apartment? I remember being alternately excited and nervous.  My fear and anxiety were mostly that I had never lived on my own before.…

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Memory Care-Overcoming Guilt

“The decision to place my mother-in-law in Memory Care was heartbreaking. I wish we had done it sooner.” Whitney H. Making Promises That Change We have all made promises with…

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Dementia over time

When it comes to Memory Care, Action is Everything

There are few of us past the age of 60 who don’t feel a little tinge of anxiety over mislaid keys or a forgotten name. It’s really not about those…

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Dementia Affects The Whole Family

Nancy and grandson, James The very word “dementia” strikes fear into every person over 65 and every daughter or son over the age of 40. Because, when signs of dementia…

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Memory care lecture series

Caregiver or Referee?

Hands down! The most difficult job that I have ever had was that of caregiver to my husband who was cognitively compromised. It took every ounce of emotional, intellectual and…

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Barbara with Laurie

Barbara's Family Story

A Memory Care Story The changes were almost imperceptible at first. They were the kinds of things that we all do – forgotten keys, lost train of thought. Concerning but…

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Support for Those Caring for Someone with Dementia

  Family members caring for loved ones with dementia find understanding and helpful advice at meetings of the two Alzheimer’s Association caregiver support groups at Chandler Hall in Newtown, Pennsylvania.…

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